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Methods used to calculate compartmental capacities

And average residue molecular weights are calculated from the number of constituent amino acids downloaded from the Protein Data Bank (http pdb home and known molecular weights of the constituent amino acids using the Excel spreadsheet displayed in Table 1.1. Hydration fractions are calculated using stoichiometric hydration rules derived for the collagen molecule structure relative to the fundamental tripeptide unit. The hydration capacities h equal the molecular weight of water Mw 18.015 Da divided by three times the mean amino acid residue molecular weight of the protein multiplied by stoichiometric hydration numbers one single water bridge per tripeptide for hRa, four waters for hB, and 12.5 water molecules per tripeptide hPr to complete coverage of hydrophilic sites (Fullerton and Rahal, 2007). Thus hRa 18.015 (3 x average amino acid molecular weight 3 x 91.2 Da) 0.065 g g, and hB 4 x hRa 0.262 g g and hPr 12.5 x hRa 0.81 g g for collagen as calculated at the...

Prediction of hydration capacities hRa hB hPr and hMnative

Protein backbone stoichiometric relationships were used to calculate hRa, hB, and hPr for collagen as shown in Table 1.1, whereas surface areas were used to calculate and estimate hM(nat). The close agreement of collagen hydration values with previously measured compartmental capacities for globular proteins leads to the hypothesis extending the SHM to globular proteins. The collagen stoichiometric hydration rules defined in the spreadsheet were used to calculate the values for hRa, hB hPr, and hM as summarized for two types of fibrillar collagen, six globular proteins, and three homopolypeptides in Table 1.3 by substituting the number of amino acids for each protein or

From Genomes to Drugs with Bioinformatics

There is no doubt that bioinformatics has become an active field in recent years. But what is bioinformatics According to NIH 1 , bioinformatics applies the principles of information sciences and technologies to make the vast, diverse and complex life sciences data more understandable and useful. While using supercomputers to decode human genomes is an impressive bioinformatics task, analyzing your own data using a desktop PC and a spreadsheet software could also be called as bioinformatics. In any case, bioinformatics serves as a bridge linking the information technology and biology in this genomic era.

Studies That Have Changedor Could Change Practice

Cost-effectiveness studies showed that some commonly used treatments were within the range of accepted cost-effectiveness ratios but some were not. Postmastectomy radiation in premenopausal women improved survival at a cost of 24,900 LY. Capecitabine docetaxel in metastatic breast cancer, compared to docetaxel alone, improved survival by 3 months29 at a cost-effectiveness ratio30 of approximately 3,700 LY (Canadian), well within accepted standards of treatment. In this study, utility was not included but the magnitude of survival benefit would likely offset the negative effects of toxicity associated with capecitabine. Of note, the alternative strategies of sequential therapies were not tested, so no conclusion can be drawn. A more expensive initial strategy, autologous stem cell transplant for myeloma instead of melphalan and prednisone, had longer survival that offset the cost, so the incremental cost-effectiveness was acceptable. One recent study31 looked at cost-effectiveness...

Pharmacophore modeling with Catalyst

Essentially there are two approaches to address the problem of conformational flexibility during pharmacophore screening the use of multiple stored conformations and on-the-fly conformer calculation 74 . Catalyst offers a combination of both solutions within the Fast and Best Flexible Search algorithms. Catalyst databases consist of compounds stored as multiple conformations. When executing Fast Flexible Search, the search is performed using only conformations already existing in the database and Fast Search tries to find one fitting the pharmacophore among those available. The algorithm used with Best Flexible Search Databases Spreadsheets can modify the conformation of a molecule during the computation to enforce a fit within a given energy threshold.

Why Arent Computers Already Conscious

Suppose, however, that we decided to make computer consciousness a top priority. We'll acknowledge that they are still pretty stupid, but we'll try to put as much consciousness into them now as possible, and nurture it as they get smarter. That would mean that, on top of, say, being a spreadsheet, the program would model the way in which it perceives keystrokes, model the way in which it makes decisions, and so forth. Alas, I have no idea what that would mean. Every time the program's user pressed a key, the computer could insert Seemed to feel the letter K, or whatever, into a special list. Every time it had to decide whether to compact the data file, it might enter into the list something like, Had to choose whether to compact the data file decided to ask the user, who

Personal Financial Planning

Adapting presents outlines and worksheets for your MS journal, professional advisors, health-expense spreadsheet, job management, finding a new job, home assessment, home adaptations, income, expenses, and a financial plan. Each form is a suggestion and can be modified to address individual situations and experiences. At first glance, these worksheets might appear to be overkill, but experience has shown clearly that the more you know about these details, the stronger case you can make for yourself, your family, and benefit plans. You will find that the more you work with these details, the more refined your thinking will become, and thus, the more help these details will provide.

Pharmaceutical Profiling Assays

As mentioned above, all of these assays are run in a 96 well format at a single concentration and are intended to quickly indicate potential issues with compounds. As compounds advance in the discovery phase, any issues are followed up with more in depth work, such as determining IC50 values for CYP inhibition, looking at other measurements of permeability in Caco-2 cells, and running pharmacokinetic studies. However, the standard pharmaceutical profile is useful for looking at trends in series of compounds, particularly when there are large numbers of compounds in a series where more detailed information such as IC50s may not be available. Pharmaceutical profiling data can be used in a negative sense to rank series and to deprioritize those that have an issue across many members of the series. It can also be used in a more positive sense to highlight properties of a series that need to be optimized in parallel with biological properties such as potency and functional activity. A...

Drug Metabolism and Discovery Screening Sequences

More rapidly so allowing very comprehensive real-time SAR of the type normally reserved for retrospective analysis. These two models indicate a divergence of how the data is handled. The hierarchical model means that full data is available on a few compounds, can be manipulated on a spreadsheet and is within the understanding of a medicinal chemist. This relates to the data being unimportant and the information being retained to drive the process. The horizontal model could result in more than 5000 data points to collate as SAR. This immediately requires computational systems and complex analysis to process and optimize. Some progress has been made in methods used in early ADME evaluation 6 with in silico and higher throughput physicochemical methods being linked to appropriate in vitro models 7 . The next sections give an inventory of some of these approaches.

Prospective Concurrent And Retrospective Approaches

In the first case, as discussed in Sec. VII below, a retrospective review of multiple batch records can provide considerable insight to support a defined PAR. A similar approach might involve a spreadsheet that summarizes critical parameter values for a series of R&D lots when preparing to transfer the technology to R&D's production colleagues. Often such retrospective data can be reinforced where gaps occur by some prospective laboratory or pilot plant experiments.

Advances In Miniaturization And Diagnostic Kits

Irwin et al. 15 in the U.S. also worked on a similar system using a modified Gauss-Newton algorithm and a 96-well micro-technique for calculating MPN using Microsoft EXCEL spreadsheets. These improvements are possible today compared with the original work of the author in 1969 because (1) automated instruments are now available in many laboratories to dispense liquid into the microtiter plate and automated dilution instruments are also available to facilitate rapid and aseptic dilutions of samples (2) automated readers of microtiter wells are now commonplace to read efficiently turbidity, color, and fluorescence of the liquid in the wells for calculation of MPN and (3) elegant mathematic models, computer interpretations and analysis, and printout of data are now available which the author could not have envisioned back in 1969.

Dna Microarray Platforms

Microsatellite Instability Probes

Once the two-color image has been generated, the final step in preprocessing the array is to calculate fluorescence and ratio values for each of the spots and associate those values with the genes that they are intended to represent. Calculation of a summary fluorescence statistic is more involved than might be apparent at first glance, as the spots are highly variable over their areas. There might be a dim focus in the center, a gradient of intensity, or other complex topography that needs to be reduced to a single value of fluorescence for both the red and green channels. The public-domain software ScanAlyze written by Michael Eisen has been widely used for this purpose, but other programs are available. Finally, the data are exported to a spreadsheet that links the gene identities of the spots with the fluorescence ratios as well as values of each channel.


The results can be either printed out or, more practically, assembled in a computer text file. Microsoft Excel or similar spreadsheet software easily assembles the data into the various trial types. What is very evident from the mouse data is that there is a great deal of variability between animals that needs to be addressed. Using groups sizes of 12 to 14 mice, there are typically one or two animals with very low startle responses in the control group. This may reflect a behavioral freezing that is common to both rats and mice. As a matter of standard practice we therefore

Copyright Warning

Any spreadsheet or data file or any other work performed or otherwise derived using this database that is published, presented or otherwise made public by whatsoever means must acknowledge the original authorship in a suitably prominent place. The database is shared with others on this explicit basis. Channel is the trademark of Medtronic PS Medical, 125 Cremona Drive, Goleta, California 93117-5500 USA

Get Organized

A special class of software, known as the personal information manager (PIM), can help you use the computer as an organizational tool. PIMs come in many varieties, although this type of software has largely been replaced by the PDAs. PDAs range tremendously in price and complexity. Some are relatively simple, with a calculator, phone list, and one or two other functions. The more expensive models are fully functional computers, with word processing, spreadsheet, database, wireless Web access, a digital camera, etc. Cellular phones are also available that include many of the same functions as PDAs, such as appointment calendars, along with address books.

Empirical Models

For inhaled pharmaceutical aerosols, the principal attractions of empirical models are the ease with which they can be programmed (requiring little more than entering a handful of algebraic equations into a spreadsheet) and the small amount of computation time they require (typically taking less than a second on a PC). Compared to simply using some rule of thumb specifying that particle size must be in some range, empirical models give considerable additional information. In particular, they can provide predictions of doses depositing in various morphological regions (e.g., alveolar, tracheobronchial, and extrathoracic regions), and these predictions depend on the particle size distribution and inhalation parameters (e.g., flow rate and inhaled volume), which the user supplies as input. Thus, these models allow a degree of parametric optimization that a particle size rule of thumb does not allow.


The major current focus of software development is in the analysis of microarray data. Microarray data can be analyzed using a range of traditional software from basic spreadsheets such as Microsoft's Excel or more devoted statistical packages such as SAS. In general, however, investigators have preferred dedicated applications with tools focused specifically at microarrays. One of the most flexible of these is the R statistical programming language. R is a programming language in which users can either adopt a wide variety of previously written packages to their specific needs or, if need be, write their own. These multiple applications can be performed without the

Invader Procedure

Use the Microsoft Excel worksheet with macros supplied by Third Wave technologies. This quickly adjusts the volumes of reagents based on the number of samples to be tested. 8. Read the plate at both wavelength settings, and cut and paste the readings into the Microsoft Excel macro supplied by Third Wave Technologies.

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