Herzog Mountains Fig 210


28 April 1929 en route from Finschhafen to Salamaua

29 April-6 May 1929 at Malolo (mission station near Salamaua) preparing for inland trip to Herzog Mountains 7-10 May 1929 en route from Malolo to Dawong, Snake River 11 May-2 June 1929 at Dawong, collecting

3-4 June 1929 en route from Dawong to Malolo and Salamaua

In Finschhafen, Mayr boarded a steamer for Salamaua on 28 April alone, without his Malay mantris for Europeans only were allowed to travel during the current mumps quarantine. Just before leaving, he had received his mail and learned more about the American suggestion to join the Whitney Expedition instead of returning to Manokwari. This sounded like an interesting project to him.

En route to Salamaua across the Huon Gulf he had a beautiful view of the Rawlinson Mountains to the north, the deep cut of the Markham Valley to the west and the heights of the Herzog and Kuper Mountains. Next day he met missionary Bayer in Salamaua and together they went to the mission station Malolo (Fig. 2.10). Several days were spent preparing for the trip north to the Buang River at the shore of the Huon Gulf. Here, through arrangements made by Mr. Bayer, Kademoi people from the Snake River Valley would meet him and carry his baggage west into the Herzog Mountains to the village of Dawong.

The expedition left Malolo on 7 May and met the Dawong carriers on the following day. They had been hindered by rains and a swollen river. Crossing the low mountain range on the 9th Mayr and his porters arrived in the Kademoi (Snake River) Valley and Dawong on 10 May. His Malay mantris were not able to catch up with him until 23 May. From then on, hunting and skinning improved a lot compared to the previous week, when Mayr had to employ local boys. On 29 May, a telegram arrived which read: "Are you willing to join Whitney Expedition?

Answer prepaid." It was sent from New York on 4 May! Even though he had more or less expected such a telegram for quite a while, he still was not sure what to do. Stresemann had advised him to accept this offer and even the museum director C. Zimmer in Berlin had telegraphed in late March that he favored the Whitney Expedition.

On 3 June the group returned to the coast in one day and Mayr even reached Malolo after dark, a distance that had taken him 3 days traveling to Dawong with all the luggage almost a month before.

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