Medline (Medlars Online) is compiled by the National Library of Medicine (NLM). NLM, which is one of the four National Libraries in the United States, is the world's largest medical library. The Medline database contains over 9 million records on bio-medicine from 1966 to the present. Free of charge access is provided by two NLM Web-based products Pub Med and Internet Grateful Med. NLM:

PubMed: Grateful Med:

We obtained the data from CD-ROMs and commercial online services and we harmonized and then compiled the data into two experimental databases. In our analyses we sometimes coupled the three general agricultural databases (Agris, Agricola and CAB Abstracts) into the agricultural group, and the biomedical databases (Medline and Embase + Biobase) into the biomedical group. In further text we refer to the database CAB Abstracts as CAB. Embase and Biobase are both produced by Elsevier. We received references from both Embase and Biobase in such a form where there were no duplications so we coupled the two databases into one group, presented by an acronym eb (Embase + Biobase). In tables and figures we usually refer to the above databases and groups in terms of acronyms, which we formulated for this purpose (Table 11.1). There is distinction between upper and lower case for clarity purpose. The upper case is used for a database group and lower case for a single database. We used the symbols + and * in the Boolean syntax when we investigated overlap of databases or co-occurrence of

Table 11.1 Abbreviations and symbols used in tables in figures with regard to databases and database groups


Database or group of databases



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