L. dauensis (Chiov.) Chiov. (syn. Lantana dauensis Chiov.) L. dulcis Trev. (syn. L. asperifolia Benth.; L. asperifolia Reichenb.; L. dulcis var. mexicana Wehmer; Phyla scaberrima (A.L. Juss.) Moldenke) L. fissicalyx Tronc. L. grandis Martius and Schau. L. gracilis HBK L. grata Schau. L. graveolans HBK (syn. L. amentacea M.E. Jones; L. berlandieri Millsp.; L. berlandieri Schau.; L. graveolans Schau.; L. tomentosa Sessé et Moc.) L. grisebachiana Mold. (syn. L. lantanaefolia Griseb.) L. hastulata (Griseb.) Hier. (syn. Acantholippia hastulata Griseb.) L. integrifolia (Griseb.) Hier.

Aromatheray For Cynics

Aromatheray For Cynics

This eBook explains how Aromatherapy has something to do with scents and smells treating illnesses and conditions. Many people who do not like the sometimes-unpleasant side effects of prescribed medication, particularly for depression, stress, or other similar disorders, have opted to use aromatherapy to help reach the desired state of being.

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