Origanum X adanense and its parents

Parents of this recently described endemic hybrid were identified as O. bargyli and O. laevigatum (Duman et al, 1998). The analysis of their essential oils confirmed the identity of the parents (Baser et al, 2000). One of the parents, O. laevigatum is highly poor in oil which contains sesquiterpene hydrocarbons, bicyclogermacrene (38 per cent) and germacrene-D (22 per cent) as main constituents. Carvacrol content of the oil is 0.6 per cent (Tucker and Maciarello, 1992; Baser etal, 1996a). The other parent, O. bargyli, on the other hand, yields over 1 per cent oil containing a much higher percentage of carvacrol (15 per cent) and lower percentages of bicyclogermacrene (2.4 per cent) and germacrene-D (0.6 per cent) (Baser and Duman, 1998). The hybrid O. X adanense yields relatively poor oil (0.2 per cent) which contains carvacrol (17.3 per cent), bicyclogermacrene (9.3 per cent) and germacrene-D (3 per cent) as major constituents (Table 4.10) (Baser et al, 2000).

Origanum X dolichosiphon and it parents

Origanum X dolichosiphon is an endemic hybrid of O. amanum and O. laevigatum in Turkey. The material collected from Hatay province was distilled to yield 0.04 per cent oil which contained bicyclogermacrene (20 per cent), ^-caryophyllene (13 per cent) and germacrene-D (11 per cent) as main constituents. O. laevigatum is the only Origanum species containing bicyclogermacrene as main constituent in its oil. As seen in O. X adanense, this hybrid also seems to have inherited the bicyclogermacrene-rich oil charactered from O. laevigatum. Since we have not yet analyzed the oil of O. amanum, I am not in a position to comment on its chemical constituents.

Table 4.10 Main constituents of the essential oil of O. X adanense and its parents
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