Figure 9.4 Odor and taste of air-dried and freeze-dried oregano after 12 months in glass jars at 23 °C and 35 °C. Means with unlike superscripts are significantly different at the 99% level using Tukey's test. 0 = weak; 100 = strong intensity.

The results of the sensory evaluation of oregano dried with different methods and stored in glass jars at 23 °C and 35 °C are shown in Figure 9.4. The drying method or packaging did not have any effect on either odor or taste of dried oregano, but detrimental effect of the elevated storage temperature was obvious (Paakkonen et al., 1990).

Freeze-dried marjoram exhibited more intense green color than air-dried marjoram. After 9 month's storage in light or at raised temperature, the color tone of the freeze-dried marjoram had changed only slightly. It was the drying process that affected color substantially and more than any of the other storage condition investigated (Paakkonen et al., 1990).

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