Boolean OR


Boolean AND

terms or records in different databases. Boolean AND (*) implies that the record is present in all databases or groups, while OR ( + ) indicates the presence of the record in at least one of the specified databases or groups. We use the terms reference and record synonymously. The term reference, however, indicates a primary bibliographic source (e.g. a book or articles), whereas the term record indicates a reference to such primary source in a particular database.

Our main aim was to assess the following database features for both genera Origanum and Lippia separately:

• number of all yearly new references in the observed period regardless of the database (exclusion of duplicates and multiple occurrences), and possible growth patterns;

• number of references in each particular database and group of databases;

• number of references with regard to the type of the primary source;

• number of single and multiple occurrences of the same reference (the number of databases indexing the same document);

• overlap (co-occurrences) of same references with regard to databases and groups of databases;

• scatter of journal articles in journals and identification of core journals;

• some indexing characteristics and differences among databases.

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