Data Compilation And Experimental Database Construction Search syntax

To achieve optimal search precision we identified the names most commonly used with regard to both genera. With Lippia the Latin term was sufficient (a). There were a few instances when the term Mexican oregano was used and was not preceded by Lippia. Such records were later identified and transferred from the Origanum database. With Origanum we had to use both scientific names Origanum and Majorana. Accordingly we also used the English terms oregano and marjoram due to the terminological inconsistency with regard to wild marjoram (oregano, Origanum vulgare) and sweet marjoram (marjoram, Origanum majorana, Majorana hortensis). The terms were coupled with the Boolean OR to achieve the presence in a record of at least one of the specified terms (b).

a Lippia;

b Origanum or Majorana or oregano or marjoram.

We searched with free text terms to maximize recall. Hundred per cent precision had to be achieved by subsequent manual deletion of noise records. Some noise was due to an editor's name Marjoram, and a serial title containing Majorana.

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