Microbiological Populations of Fresh Agaricus bisporus Mushrooms Treated with Pulsed UV Light at Varying Treatment Times and Distances from the UV Strobe

Microbiological test Control

Coliforms 5 x 102 4 x 102 <1 x 102 <1 x 102 <1 x 102

Yeast and mold 1.6 x 104 2.1 x 104 3.4 x 103 1.3 x 103 1.2 x 103

Aerobic plate count 1.6 x 106 4 x 104 1.7 x 105 8 x 104 4 x 104

aerobic populations. Also, increasing treatment time improved reduction in microbial populations. However, all pulsed UV treatments had a negative impact on the color of the mushrooms due to surface browning.

The results from the pulsed UV study indicate little potential use for pulsed UV treatments with white strains but could be useful with crimini or portabella mushrooms, since the surface discoloration resulting from the treatments would most likely not be observable by consumers due to the inherent brown color associated with those types of mushrooms. Also, treatment with UV light could be useful to increase the vitamin D2 content of mushrooms [15].

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