Table 152

Product Description, Use, and Distribution

Common name

Type of package Length of shelf life, at what temperature? Labeling instructions Where will it be sold? Intended use and consumer

Special distribution control

Shredded lettuce; prepared from refrigerated iceberg lettuce; trimmed, cored, and cut; washed in a solution of potable water and chlorine Packed in food-grade plastic bags, 8 oz to 10 lb units Optimum shelf life of 14 days if refrigerated at 34 to 38°F (1.1 to 3.3°C)

Bag and/or box contains "processed on'' or "use by'' date Foodservice operations and retail markets

For use in salads and sandwiches by foodservice customers; prepackaged units for in-house use by consumer

Product distributed under refrigeration, stored in refrigeration at 34 to 38°F (1.1 to 3.3°C)

From IFPA Technical Committee, HACCP for the Fresh-Cut Produce Industry, IFPA, Alexandria, VA, 2000. With permission.

involved in a process. A block-type flow diagram is typically used for simplicity of understanding by the HACCP team. Its purpose is to facilitate hazard analysis and assist in the identification of critical control points (CCPs). Also, the flow diagram serves as a record of the operation and a future guide for employees, regulators, and customers who must understand the process [1].

Once the flow diagram has been completed, it needs to be verified for accuracy and completeness. Ideally, confirmation should be made by having HACCP team members ''walk the process'' whereby the flow diagram is compared with what actually happens, as it happens [20]. This also should include confirmation of activities during the night shift or weekend running of the operation.

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