Table 105

Comparison of Rind Plug and Whole Rind Sampling Methods for Recovery of Salmonella Poona RM 2350 from the Surface of Dip-Inoculated Cantaloupes

Storage of inoculated S. Poona populationa (log10 CFU/cm2)

Plug methodb Whole rind methodc

Note: Inoculum in water; population was 8.7 log10CFU/ml. XLT-4 agar medium used to enumerate S. Poona cell densities.

a Mean for 3 melons per trial; no significant difference between plug and whole rind methods. b Based on total cross-sectional area of 20 rind plugs, each with 20 mm diameter. c Based on calculated surface area for spheroid or sphere.

Hammack et al. [72] compared methods for the recovery of salmonella from cantaloupes spot inoculated at levels to provide fractionally positive results. They obtained better recoveries by soaking in preenrichment broth as compared to rinsing with the broth, and by detecting the salmonella using a culture procedure. Such methods would be useful in evaluating melons subjected to antimicrobial treatments such as surface pasteurization in which surviving populations are very small or not detectable by ordinary plating.

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