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DNA-to-DNA reassociation homology with known alicyclobacillus-type strains. This organism was deemed a new species and designated A. sendaiensis in recognition of the Japanese city where it was isolated. Simbahan et al. [21] reported a new species, A. vulcanalis, isolated from a geothermal pool at Coso Hot Springs in the Mojave Desert, California, U.S.

Rodgers et al. [22] described growth enhancement of Acidiphilium cryptum by two "alicyclobacillus-like" strains isolated from liquor (pH 2.1) of uranium leaching operations. These strains had 94 to 96% homology to the alicyclo-bacillus 16S rDNA sequence but were differentiated from other alicyclo-bacilli in their ability to oxidize iron. These strains might represent new alicyclobacillus species.

Taxonomy of alicyclobacillus and other thermoacidophilic genera/species remains fluid and continued additions and revisions to species and genus names should be expected for the foreseeable future. As more species-specific hypervariable DNA regions are discovered in bacterial genomes, it is likely that changes in taxonomy will continue.

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