Chlorine dioxide + nitrogen ¥

Chlorine dioxide + nitrogen ¥

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Gas cylinders

FIGURE 18.1 Schematic of a CDG Gas:Solid™ ClO2 gas generation system. (From CDG Technology, Inc. With permission.)

FIGURE 18.2 Schematic of a ClorDiSys ClO2 gas generation and control system. (From ClorDiSys Solutions, Inc. With permission.)

gas (4%) in nitrogen flows into a Saf-T-ChlorTM reactor cartridge containing thermally stable sodium chlorite; approximately 140 g and 1300 g ClO2 gas are produced by a bench- and a pilot-scale generator, respectively. Another example of a ClO2 gas generator is manufactured by ClorDiSys Solutions, Inc. (Lebanon, NJ, http://www.clordisys.com) which uses a similar approach, but produces approximately 900 g ClO2 gas by flowing 2% chlorine gas in nitrogen through three sodium chlorite cartridges (Figure 18.2).

ICA TriNova, LLC (Forest Park, GA) has developed a Z-Series ClO2 technology that involves generating ClO2 gas by mixing two dry solids: a ClO2 precursor and an activator (Figure 18.3). Sodium chlorite or sodium chlorate is used as the ClO2 precursor in either crystalline or impregnated forms. The

FIGURE 18.3 Z-series products for ClO2 generation. (From ICA TriNova, LLC. With permission.)

activator is a granular porous solid impregnated with an acid or with an acid precursor. ClO2 gas is produced by a disproportionation reaction as the two dry solids are mixed:

The Z-series products can produce approximately 0.1 mg to 50 g of ClO2. This product comes packaged in sachets, small tubs, and buckets based on different applications.

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