Surface Pasteurization With Hot Water

Unlike chemical sanitizers that only affect the surface of produce, hot water (heated potable city water) washing can inactivate bacteria below the produce surface [8], and thus is potentially more effective than chemical washes [2,8,9]. Hot water immersion provides excellent heat transfer between the produce and the heating medium [10] and can quickly establish a uniform temperature profile on the surface of produce [2,10]. Hot water surface pasteurization has been used to control insects and is the most effective method for destroying microorganisms, including postharvest plant pathogens that cause spoilage (Chapter 20). While surface pasteurization, using hot water or steam, has been shown to be effective in reducing levels of human pathogens on the surface of meat and poultry [11,12] and intact eggs [13], it has only limited use in the fresh and fresh-cut produce industries. Fresh fruits and vegetables investigated

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