Significance Of Detectionisolation From Foods

Information regarding the storage conditions and number of alicyclobacilli necessary to cause spoilage is sparse. Since these organisms can be routinely isolated from unspoiled products, the question of their significance has been raised. A few researchers suggest that 103 cells/ml of A. acidoterrestris can produce enough phenolic compounds to cause an antiseptic/medicinal off-aroma within a few days to weeks. On the other hand, a publication by ABECitrus [62] states "Spore counts in the average range of 102 to 103 CFU/ml in the concentrated juice may be at an acceptable level which does not compromise further utilization and processing of juice given that adequate processing practices are employed, particularly after heat treatment or pasteurization." Further, Eguchi et al. [45] reported that only 2 of 13 wildtype strains produced spoilage when inoculated into orange juice. The differences of opinion among researchers regarding the presence of alicyclo-bacillus in foods indicate that questions regarding conditions that lead to product spoilage are unresolved and require additional investigation.

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