Section Iv Interventions to Reduce Spoilage and Risk of Foodborne Illness

Chapter 15

HACCP: A Process Control Approach for Fruit and Vegetable Safety... 339

William C. Hurst

Chapter 16

Effect of Quality Sorting and Culling on the Microbiological

Quality of Fresh Produce 365

Susanne E. Keller

Chapter 17

Washing and Sanitizing Treatments for Fruits and Vegetables 375

Gerald M. Sapers

Chapter 18

Gas-/Vapor-Phase Sanitation (Decontamination) Treatments 401

Richard H. Linton, Yingchang Han, Travis L. Selby, and Philip E. Nelson

Chapter 19

Modified Atmosphere Packaging 437

B.G. Werner and J.H. Hotchkiss

Chapter 20

Hot Water Treatments for Control of Fungal Decay on

Fresh Produce 461

Elazar Fallik

Chapter 21

Surface Pasteurization with Hot Water and Steam 479

Bassam A. Annous and Michael F. Kozempel

Chapter 22

Novel Nonthermal Treatments 497

Dongsheng Guan and Dallas G. Hoover

Chapter 23

Biological Control of Microbial Spoilage of Fresh Produce 523

Julien Mercier and Pamela G. Marrone

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