Issues With Freshcut Melons

The visual symptoms of deterioration of fresh-cut produce are flaccidity due to loss of water, changes in color resulting from oxidative browning at the cut surfaces, and microbial contamination [57]. Minimally processed fresh fruits and vegetables provide a good substrate for microbial growth [58,59]. Such substrate may allow proliferation of human pathogenic organisms like salmonella, L. monocytogenes, and enterotoxigenic E. coli that contaminate food when proper sanitation is not employed. Microbial spoilage of fresh-cut melons will depend on storage conditions and the initial microbial population of the melon. Honeydew melon generally has a lower initial microbial population than cantaloupe and also has been found to have a longer refrigerated shelf life [17,47]. Similar results were reported for minimally processed honeydew and cantaloupe melon stored at 4°C, and the authors concluded that both the length of shelf life and type of spoilage were related to the type of fruit [60].

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