Improvement in Formulation

The addition of nontoxic substances in biofungicide formulations or to spray preparations could also be used to improve disease control. Although their mode of action is often poorly understood, these "inert" ingredients can act in several ways, such as reducing disease susceptibility, inhibiting pathogens, or improving wound colonization or the inhibitory action of antagonists. Combining yeasts with calcium salts [5,7,54], sodium bicarbonate [55,56], or ammonium molybdate [56,57] resulted in better control of fruit diseases. Since salts are inexpensive additives, more research should be done on their mode of action and their compatibility with biofungicides.

Other chemicals such as sugar analogs like 2-deoxy-D-glucose [58] and chitosan [59] also improved decay control by yeasts. Some amino acids can enhance biocontrol activity and improve colonization of wounds by antagonists [50,60]. Thus, further enhancement of the activity of biocontrol agents can be expected with benign chemicals likely to be suitable for use on food crops.

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