Immunoelectron microscopy, 613-614 Immunolabeling of gene products, 611-612 Immunological testing, 575-579 Imported produce survey, FDA, 8-9 Inoculation of produce, 556-557 Instrumentation and biomass measurements,

579-582 Internalization aerosols and, 82

implications and control of, 87-90 infiltration of plant surface by aqueous cell suspensions and, 84-85 internal structures of plants involved in, 80-82

location in plants, 77-78 overview of, 75-77 plant development and, 85-86 process of, 80 of soft-rot bacteria, 121 structures that enable, 78-79 types of, 82-86

water channels and water congestion and,

82-83 in wounds, 83-84 Ion-chelating agents for control of pseudomonas rot, 125 Irradiation of apples, 297-299

effect on spores and vegetative bacteria, 506-508

of mushrooms, 150-151 of parasites, 508

types of gamma rays used in, 505-506 of viruses, 508-509 Irrigation water as potential source of contamination, 15, 269 Isogrid system, 569-570

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