Harvest operations and potential sources of contamination, 15-16, 295

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), 24-25, 87-88, 153, 201, 236, 371 application of, 342-343 assessment studies and, 345-347 basic objectives of, 339-340 conducting process capability analyses in, 351-354

determining corrective action procedures in, 356-357

establishing documentation and recording keeping for, 359-361 identifying and stabilizing variability at

CCPs and, 348-351, 354-356 for juice, 219-224

planning and conducting a study, 344-345 prerequisites for, 343-344 scope of, 340-342

SPC monitoring procedures in, 354-356 and using SPC to ensure control, 347-348

Heat treatments. See Hot water treatments

Hepatitis A, 7, 504

Heteractic crispa, 597

High hydrostatic pressure processing (HPP) critical processing factors, 500-501 definition and historical perspective,

499-500 effect on parasites, 505 effect on spores and vegetative bacteria,

501-504 effect on viruses, 504-505 equipment, 500

inactivation of microorganisms by, 501-505

Home washing of fruits and vegetables, 391-394

Hot water treatments, 240-241, 461-462. See also Surface pasteurization heat damage caused by, 469-470 in vitro studies, 464-465 in vivo studies, 465-469 mode of action, 470-472 rinsing and brushing system (HWRB), 463, 464

Human pathogens attachment to plants and other interactions, 52-59

common foodborne illness causing, 7-8, 52-59

in domestic produce, 9-10

farm practices for control of soft-rot and,

127-128 in imported produce, 8-9

Human pathogens (continued) incidence and association with produce, 8-13

interactions between soft-rot and, 125-127 microbial ecology of, 26 occurrence and behavior in fresh-cut vegetables, 257-259 potential sources of produce contamination by, 13-21 produce-associated foodborne illness traceback investigation results on, 12-13 research on, 26, 27

USDA Microbiological Data Program (MDP) measurements of, 10-12 Hydathodes, 79, 83 Hydrocooling water, 17, 316 Hydrogen peroxide, 239-240, 387-388 Hydrostatic pressure, 85 Hygiene, employee, 16

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