Final Remarks And Future Perspectives

The success of any fruit and vegetable preservation technology depends on a complete and correct understanding of the reasonable causes of food spoilage and associated foodborne illness. To ensure safety and prolong shelf life, conventional thermal processing is a mainstay of the food industry; however, driving forces from the market, and development and introduction of nonthermal processing treatments by the food industry and research institutions have provided a well-accepted platform to deliver safe products processed at lower temperatures with minimum quality losses. The potential use of each of the described nonthermal treatments in combination with other procedures, including established manipulations employing temperature, water activity adjustment, oxidation-reduction potential and pH controls, and modified atmosphere packaging, is worth considering in food product development. A good indication of this potential is the commercial success now being realized with pressurization methods to preserve fruits and vegetables. With pressure-treated jams, jellies, juices, salsa, guacamole, and chopped onions available on the market, one can assume that more products will follow.

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