Determining Corrective Action Procedures Haccp Principle

Since the natural forces of entropy cause all HACCP processes to deteriorate toward a state of disorder, deviations from CLs will occur, and corrective actions will be needed [38]. By definition, a corrective action must be taken when a CL deviation is identified by monitoring a CCP [7]. Tompkin pointed out that corrective action involves four activities: (1) bringing the process back into its CL through process adjustment; (2) determining and correcting the cause of the deviation; (3) determining the disposition of the non-compliant product; and (4) recording the corrective action taken and the disposition of the noncompliant product [51].

When CLs are violated at a CCP, predetermined (developed in advance for each CCP and included in the HACCP plan) corrective action procedures must be initiated. Slade noted that a corrective action should take care

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