D- and Z- values of Alicyclobacillus, 165-169

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) testing, 583-588 Department of Agriculture (USDA) Microbiological Data Program (MDP), 10-12 Detection of microorganisms, rapid. See also Research biosensors and, 588-590 future directions in, 592-593 genetic testing, 583-588 history of, 565

immunological testing and, 575-579 instrumentation and biomass measurements for, 579-582

miniaturization and diagnostic kits for, 572-575

sample preparation and treatments for, 566 total viable cell count methodologies for, 567-572

U. S. and world market trends in, 590-592

Detergent formulations, 379-380 Diagnostic kits and miniaturization, 572-575 Direct epifluorescent filter techniques

(DFET), 572 Discoma, 597

Diversity of soft-rot bacteria, 118-120 Documentation and record keeping, HACCP, 359-361

Domestic produce survey, FDA, 9-10 Dothiorella dominicana, 464 Dyes and fluorescent conjugates, 598-600 Dynal, 578

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