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Canada's Biocontrol Network ( is a model of how to increase adoption of biocontrol agents through a coordinated research and testing effort by all stakeholders.

We work on replacing pesticides with effective and economically viable biocontrol treatments based on the natural enemies of insect pests and disease pathogens, used in coordinated and synergistic ways. We establish effective and mutually beneficial research partnerships with the private sector (pest management products and services companies and grower associations) as well as other stakeholders in the field of plant protection.

The Biocontrol Network efforts are organized around a seven-stage product-oriented process:

1. Identification of users'needs

2. Ecological studies

3. Screening

4. Product development: production

5. Product development: efficacy

6. Product development: environmental impact and toxicology

7. Registration (if needed), marketing, training, and education

If a similar approach were taken in the U.S. or other countries, adoption of new biological control agents would increase, to the benefit of the environment, workers, and consumers.

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