Section S Wound Healing Chapter 132

Wound Healing: An Orchestration of Humoral and Cellular Forces 897

Rodney K. Chan, Perry H. Liu, and Dennis P. Orgill


Wound Healing Cascade

Growth Factors in Wound Healing

Wound Reepithelialization

Wound Healing and the Immune System

Clinical Trials in Wound Healing Using Growth Factors

Future Directions: Involvement of the Nervous System

Vacuum-Assisted Wound Closure


Chapter 133

Microvascular repair 903

Jamie Y. Jeremy and Michael R. Dashwood, Introduction

The Diversity of Microvascular Damage Angiogenesis

The Cell Cycle and Proliferation Migration

Matrix and Matrix Metalloproteinases Triggers for Vascular Repair in Wound Healing Factors Influencing Angiogenesis Reactive Oxygen Species and Angiogenesis Anti-angiogenic Factors

Angiogenesis in Vein Grafts: Impact of the External Stent. Risk Factors for Impairment of Microvascular Repair. Concluding Remarks

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