Section R Preeclampsia Chapter 131

Microvascular Permeability in Pre-eclampsia 889

Nick Anim-Nyame, John Gamble, and Philip J. Steer Introduction

Volume Homeostasis in Normal Pregnancy Mechanisms for Plasma Volume Changes in Normal Pregnancy

Transcapillary Forces and Microvascular Permeability in

Normal Pregnancy Microvascular Permeability in Pre-eclampsia Future Research Summary

Chapter 129

Effects of Cigarette Smoke on Rheological Properties of Leukocytes Influencing Their Passage through the Microvasculature 869

G. B. Nash and W. MacNee Introduction

Effects of Cigarette Smoking on Behavior of Leukocytes in the Microcirculation Effects of Cigarette Smoke on Leukocytes: Changes in

Resistance to Flow Effects of Cigarette Smoke on Leukocyte Adhesion Conclusions

Chapter 130

Pulmonary Response to Environmental and Occupational Pollutants 877

Nicola Verna and Mario Di Gioacchino

Introduction Irritant Reactions Immunologic Reactions Fibrogenic Reactions

Particle Problem and Its Multiple Mechanisms

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