Section L Reproductive Systems Chapter

Vascular Transformation of placental Cytotrophoblasts 573

Susan J. Fisher

Morphological Aspects of Human Placentation Molecular Regulators of CTB Pseudovasculogenesis Physiological Regulators of CTB Pseudovasculogenesis Pre-eclampsia Is Associated with Defects in CTB

Pseudovasculogenesis Conclusions

Chapter 88

The Microvasculature of the Ovary 579

Lawrence P. Reynolds, Anna T. Grazul-Bilska, and Dale A. Redmer

General Aspects of Ovarian Function The Ovarian Microvasculature Angiogenesis in the Ovary

Chapter 89

The Microvasculature of the Endometrium 587

Robert D. Koos and L. Christie Rockwell Introduction

Anatomy of the Endometrial Microvasculature Mode of Endometrial Angiogenesis Factors Regulating Endometrial Angiogenesis Role of the Endometrial Vasculature in Menstruation Cyclic Changes in Endometrial Microvascular Permeability

Structural Changes in the Endometrial Microvasculature

Associated with Implantation The Endometrial Vasculature and Pregnancy The Endometrial Vasculature and Uterine Pathologies Summary and Conclusion

Chapter 90

The Vasculature of the Normal Mammary Gland: HIF-1-Independent Expansion and Regression 595

Tiffany N. Seagroves and Randall S. Johnson Introduction

Summary and Future Directions

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