Section F Liver

Chapter 72

Hepatic Microvascular Responses to Inflammation 465

Claudine S. Bonder and Paul Kubes

The Hepatic Microvascular System

Liver Constitution

Mediators of Hepatic Inflammation

Cellular Adhesion Molecules


Chapter 73

Liver Microcirculation 471

Robert S. McCuskey

Blood Supply to the Liver

Microvascular Functional Units

Hepatic Microvascular System

Structure and Function of Hepatic Sinusoids

Pathophysiology of the Hepatic Microcirculation

Chapter 74

Gaseous Signal Transduction in Microcirculation 477

Makoto Suematsu and Nobuhito Goda

Signal Transduction by O2 Microvascular actions of CO

Chapter 76

Lung Edema and Microvascular Permeability

Richard D. Minshall and Stephen M. Vogel


Starling Forces Underlying Pulmonary Edema Formation,

Accumulation, and Resolution Cellular Mechanisms of Permeability Edema: Endothelial

Barrier Dysfunction Summary

Chapter 77

Forms of Reserve in the Pulmonary Capillary Bed

Capillary Transit Time



Chapter 78

Fragility of Pulmonary Capillaries

John B. West


Pulmonary versus Systemic Capillaries Structure of Pulmonary Capillaries Strength of Pulmonary Capillaries Mechanical Stresses in the Walls of Pulmonary Capillaries

Stress Failure in the Wall of the Pulmonary Capillary Physiological Conditions Associated with Stress Failure of

Pulmonary Capillaries Pathological Conditions Causing Stress Failure Regulation of the Structure of Pulmonary Capillaries

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