Section D Blood Thrombosis and Homeostasis

Hemoglobin-Induced Microvascular Dysfunction

Chapter 94

Review Hemoglobin-Induced Microvascular Dysfunction 629

Ann L. Baldwin Introduction

Problems Encountered with Hemoglobin-based Blood

Substitutes during Trials Problems with Hemoglobin-based Blood Substitutes in the

Microcirculation Future Possibilities

Chapter 95

Determinants of Platelet Glycoprotein Ib-IX-V Mediated Microvascular Hemostasis: Are They Different from Those Regulating Thrombosis? 635

Michael H. Kroll and Shuju Feng Introduction

Molecular Effectors of Platelet-Mediated Hemostasis and Thrombosis

Clinical Models That Separate GpIb-IX-V Mediated

Thrombosis from Hemostasis Summary and Conclusions

Chapter 96

Complement 643

Francis D. Moore, Jr.


Complement Activation

Membrane Attack Complex

Clinical Assessment of Complement Activation

Intrinsic Regulation of Complement Activation

Interactions between Leukocytes and Complement

Complement Deficiency States

Complement Inhibitors

Clinical Injury and Complement Activation


Chapter 97

Regulation of Microcirculation by Antithrombin: Molecular Mechanism(s) and Possible Therapeutic Applications 653

Kenji Okajima

Anticoagulant activity of AT

Anti-inflammatory Activity of AT

Molecular Mechanism(s) of the AT-Induced Increase in

Endothelial Production of PGI2 Roles of Anti-inflammation and Anticoagulation by AT in

Regulation of Microcirculation Possible Therapeutic Applications of AT for Conclusions and Perspectives

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