Section C In Vivo Models Chapter

Hemangioma: A Model System to Study Growth and Regression of Blood Vessels 145

Joyce Bischoff

Clinical Features of Hemangioma Life Cycle of Hemangioma Summary

Chapter 24

Window Models 151

Dai Fukumura

Summary Introduction

Chronic Window Preparations Utilization of Window Models Future Perspectives

Chapter 25

The Cremaster Muscle for

Microcirculatory Studies 159

Robert Hester

Animal Models Cardiovascular Parameters Models of Hypertension Conclusion

Chapter 26

Zebrafish: A Model for Studying Microvascular Development and Function 165

Kameha Kidd and Brant Weinstein

Emergence of the Zebrafish as a Vertebrate Genetic Model From Phage to Fish

The Zebrafish as a Model Organism for Studying Vessel

Formation Conclusions

Chapter 28 Capillaries in the Chicken Chorioallantoic Membrane

Domenico Ribatti and Marco Presta

Chapter 27

The Significance of the Nail Fold in Clinical and Experimental Studies

Hildegard Rand Maricq

Definition and Description of the Nail Fold

Place of the Nail Fold in Human Microvascular Studies


Data Obtained

Experimental Studies

Clinical Studies


Developmental Anatomy of the Blood Vessels of the CAM Structure of the Blood Vessels of the CAM Endogenous CAM modulators of Blood Vessel Formation CAM as a model to Study the Modulation of Angiogenesis Concluding Remarks

Chapter 29

The Cremaster Muscle as a

Microvascular Research Model 187

Maria Siemionow and Andrea Moreia-Gonzalez Background

Application of the Cremaster Muscle Island Flap for

Ischemia-Reperfusion and Related Studies Application of the Cremaster Muscle for Chronic

Observation of the Microcirculation Microcirculatory Responses to Cremaster Muscle Denervation

A Model of Cremaster Muscle Isograft and Allograft Transplant

Cremaster Muscle Model for Tumor Implantation

Chapter 30

The Hamster Cheek pouch as a

Research Model of Inflammation 195

Erik Svensjo Morphology

Cheek Pouch Preparation

Changes in Vascular Permeability

Inhibition of Mediator-Induced Macromolecular Leakage


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