Section C Gastrointestinal Tract

Chapter 67

Peritoneal Microvessels and

High Peritoneal Solute Transport

Rate (PSTR) 429

Miwako Numata, Makio Kawakami, Bengt Lindholm, and Masaaki Nakayama


Peritoneal Microvascular Architecture Three-Pore Theory

Estimation of Peritoneal Transport Rate

The Relationship between PSTR and Alterations of

Peritoneal Microvessels in PD Patients Candidate Molecules Related to Angiogenesis and/or

Dilatation Vasculopathy

Chapter 68

The Gastrointestinal Microcirculation 433

Thorsten Vowinkel and D. Neil Granger

Gastric Microcirculation Intestinal Microcirculation Pathophysiology of the GI Circulation

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