Section B Engineered Tissue Chapter 158

Angiogenesis of Engineered Tissue 1083

Craig Neville and Joseph P. Vacanti

Introduction Bioengineered Tissue Delivery of Angiogenic Factors Fabrication of Microvascular Structures

Chapter 159

Engineering of Blood Vessels 1087

Joe Tien, Andrew P. Golden, and Min D. Tang

Introduction Engineered Arteries Engineered Microvascular Networks Future Directions

Chapter 160 Blood Substitutes' Efficacy: Microvascular and Theological Determinants 1095

Amy G. Tsai, Pedro Cabrales, Hiromi Sakai and Marcos Intaglietta

The Design of an Efficacious Oxygen-Carrying Plasma Expander

The Role of Viscosity in Oxygen Transport Counterintuitive Rheological Findings Hemodilution, Blood Viscosity, and Vasoactivity The Vasoconstrictive Effect of Hemoglobin Optimal Oxygen Disassociation Properties Oxygen-Carrying Capacity Colloid Osmotic Pressure

Synthesis of an Effective Oxygen-Carrying Plasma

Expander Experimental Evidence Summary and Conclusions

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