Regulation of Hydraulic Conductivity

Control Conditions

Figure 3 shows the distribution of control values of Lp determined in individual microvessels of the frog (n = 1111) and rat mesentery (n = 89) in our laboratories. Median L for frog capillaries is 3.3 and for rat venules is 1.8 (x10"7cm sec-1cmH2O). Several features are noteworthy. First, the shapes of the distribution are similar despite being derived from different vessel types (capillaries and postcapillary venules) from two phylogenetically distinct species. Second, the broad spread of the distribution under physiologic conditions precludes describing Jv by a single value. Third, the distributions in each case do not fit a normal distribution; they are normalized by a fourth root transformation [7]. Of interest, a similar frequency distribution was noted by Pappenheimer's group of Kf values in the feline hind limb [8]. The authors speculated that if the pathways responsible

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