Microtubules and Tube Formation

Angiogenesis is a multistep process including the directed migration of endothelial cells (EC) in response to chemotactic signals. Each of the key steps in angiogene-sis (sprouting, branching, lumen formation, and barrier stabilization) involves a major role for the cytoskeleton in regulation of the signaling events, especially via the Rho GTPase pathway. MT are involved in cell motility dynamics during tube and lumen formation as well as maintenance of the 3-D nascent tube postangiogenesis (Figure 3). MT destabilizing drugs that limit tumor growth via inhibition of mitosis in both tumor cells and vascular EC are an important part of antitumor therapy. Interference with MT dynamics by stabilization or depolymerization results in capillary tube collapse due to loss of EC structural integrity. This phenomenon involves the Rho GTPase pathway since inhibitors of Rho activity results in blockage of capillary tube collapse [7].

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