AM Receptors in the Cerebral Microcirculation

The fact that AM behaves as a local autocrine and/or paracrine hormone raises the possibility that AM released by CECs acts primarily on AM receptors present in the cerebral endothelium itself and on neighboring cells. The expression of CRLR, RAMP-1, -2, -3, was characterized on isolated rat cerebral microvessels [4], in rat CECs and cerebral pericytes [3], and in rat astrocytes [2]. In cultured rat CECs and peri-cytes RAMP-2 showed the highest expression, followed by RAMP-3 and RAMP-1, and exogenous AM increased the intracellular cAMP concentration suggesting the existence of functional AM receptors on these cells [3]. Although astrocyte-derived factors increased the AM production of rat CECs, they did not change the expression of AM receptor components in rat CECs. Oliver et al. [5] reported the same expression pattern of RAMPs in human cerebral vasculature.

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