Acute Pancreatitis

A complex sequence of events of multifactorial origin is inherent in the development of acute pancreatitis. Microcir-culatory derangements are, however, often seen and the pancreas is highly susceptible to hypoperfusion and ischemic injury. At least graft pancreatitis, seen as a consequence of ischemia/reperfusion injuries to the implanted organ, is caused more or less exclusively by vascular factors. In the pathogenesis of acute pancreatitis of other etiologies, micro-circulatory changes are likely to be aggravating factors, even though a causative role remains to be determined. Increased production of endothelin and/or decreased formation of nitric oxide have been suggested to be factors of importance for the decreased blood flow. The reader is referred to some recent reviews found in the reference list.

The islets seem to be much less susceptible to hypoper-fusion, also during acute pancreatitis, and we have recently observed that islet blood flow is unchanged in an experimental model of edematous acute pancreatitis.

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