Type I Baeyer Villiger Monooxygenases Versatile Oxidative Biocatalysts

While alternative Baeyer-Villiger biocatalysts have been reported, type I BVMOs appear to be the most convenient enzymes to perform Baeyer-Villiger reactions. This is reflected in the large number of reports in which applications based on these monooxygenases are demonstrated (for a recent review see [28]). In the next paragraphs, the biocatalytic scope of type I BVMOs will be reviewed. First, the mechanism by which these enzymes are able to perform Baeyer-Villiger reactions is discussed. The mechanistic data and enzyme engineering efforts will be discussed in relation to the recently elucidated structure of a BVMO. Furthermore, the catalytic potential will be highlighted by elaborating on the kinetic properties and substrate specificities of BVMOs. Also recent advances in knowledge and technical approaches concerning coenzyme regeneration and biocata-lyst stability are touched upon.

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