Recombinant Yeast and Bacteria that Express Human P450s Bioreactors for Drug Discovery Development and Biotechnology 233

Steven P. Hanlon, Thomas Friedberg, C. Roland Wolf, Oreste Ghisalba, and Matthias Kittelmann

10.1 Background 234

10.1.1 Importance of Recombinant P450s for Drug Development 234

10.1.2 Fundamentals of Heterologous Expression in Bacteria 235

10.1.3 Fundamentals of Heterologous Expression in Yeast 236

10.2 Comparison of P450 Levels and Enzymic Activities in Various Models 237

10.3 Use of E. coli P450 Expression Systems in Bioreactors 240

10.3.1 General Considerations 240

10.3.2 The Roche Experience 240 Background and Utility of P450 Systems in Pharma Research 240 Fermentation of Recombinant E. coli 241 Biotransformations Catalyzed by Recombinant CYP450 241 Preparation ofN-Desethyl Amodiaquine 242

10.3.3 The Novartis Experience 244 Introduction 244 Production of E. coli Cells with CYP Activity 244 Whole Cell Biotransformation 246 Recent Developments 246

10.4 Conclusion 246 References 247

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