Preparation of Cytosolic Fractions and Membrane Fractions

A cell suspension is prepared by homogenizing freshly harvested cells at a ratio of about 10 g wet cells per 10 mL of appropriate buffer solution. For mechanical

1.2 Basic Technical Information Regarding Membrane-bound Enzymes | 5

cell disruption, a cell suspension is passed through a French pressure cell press at 1000 kg cm-2 or other criteria. After removal of the intact cells by a conventional low-speed centrifuge, the crude cell-free extract is further centrifuged at 68 000 x g for 60 min to separate the membrane fraction as precipitate, and the resulting supernatant is designated as the soluble fraction. In the soluble fraction, it should be noted that enzyme activities of both cytoplasmic and periplasmic enzymes are usually observed. It is better to wash the resulting membrane precipitate by suspending and homogenizing in the same buffer by ultracentrifugation one or two times to eliminate the soluble enzymes.

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