Modern Biooxidation

Enzymes, Reactions and Applications Edited by

Rolf D. Schmid and Vlada B. Urlacher i 1 s O 7 j

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Prof. Dr. Rolf D. Schmid

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Dr. Vlada B. Urlacher-Kursif

Universität Stuttgart

Institut für Technische Biochemie

Allmandring 31

70569 Stuttgart



Crystal structure of human cytochrome p450 2C9 (PDB entry 1OG5A) complexed with substrate warfarin (green) [1]. The mesh represents the substrate binding cavity inside the enzyme. The approach of the substrate (blue) to the heme (red) was observed during molecular dynamics simulations [2].

1 Williams, P.A., Cosme, J., Ward, A., Angove, H.C., Matak Vinkovic, D., Jhoti, H. Crystal structure of human cytochrome p450 2C9 with bound warfarin. Nature 2003, 424, 464-468.

2 Seifert, A., Tatzel, S., Schmid, R.D., Pleiss, J. Multiple molecular dynamics simulations of human p450 monooxygenase CYP2C9: the molecular basis of substrate binding and regioselectivity toward warfarin. Proteins 2006, 64(1), 147-155.

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