Major Hurdles to Further Development from Laboratory Trials

To further develop a laccase catalytic system (from its promising laboratory-level study) may involve many scientific, technical, engineering, economic, environmental, or other hurdles. One major hurdle could be the cost of laccase and/or mediator. To reduce the cost of laccase, higher yield for fermentatively produced laccase or novel laccase productions (see Section 2.4.2) is needed. To reduce the cost of a mediator, controlling its unproductive side-reactions is necessary. For instance, the prohibitively high dosage of the currently best N—OH mediators needed for delignification (—0.1—1% w/w of pulp) is mainly caused by the significant dehydroxylation or deoxygenation side-reaction (>N—OH or >N—O^ ^ >N—H) and the consequent low turnover of the mediator [39, 42, 47, 49, 51, 54, 63, 84]. Another major hurdle could be the inactivation of laccase or mediator in the highly heterogeneous or variable application environment, whose abundant inhibitors/reactants might not be present in defined laboratory systems [58]. The lack of comprehensive knowledge with regard to the environmental impact of the mediator (particularly when it is synthetic) and/or its derivatives may also hinder the application [42, 132].

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