Cytochrome P450 monooxygenases are versatile biocatalysts that insert an oxygen atom derived from atmospheric dioxygen into activated and non-activated C-H bonds in a vast range of molecules, often in a regio- and stereoselective manner. They play pivotal roles in primary and secondary metabolic pathways and in drug degradation. The number of identified CYP genes and enzymes is constantly increasing through studies on genomes and microbial screening (http://drnelson. Numerous prokaryotic P450 enzymes have been identified and characterized in the past 20 years [1, 2]. Among them P450cam (CYP101A1) from Pseudomonasputida [3] and P450BM-3 (CYP102A1) from Bacillus megaterium [4, 5] are the best characterized because of their ease of heterologous expression and soluble nature. The structure, catalytic mechanism, and biochemistry of these two enzymes have been studied in detail [6].

The selective C—H bond oxidation activity of P450 enzymes under mild conditions using oxygen as the oxidizing agent has no equivalent in classical synthetic methodologies. In addition the alcohol products of substrate oxidation are more reactive to further chemical conversions. This is the basis of xenobiotic metabolism, detoxification and degradation. Hence P450 enzymes have significant potential applications in synthesis and bioremediation.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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