Cytochrome P450 Redox Partner Systems Biodiversity and Biotechnological Implications 123

Andrew W. Munro, Hazel M. Girvan, Joseph P. McVey, and Kirsty J. McLean

5.1 Introduction 123

5.2 P450 Redox Partners 124

5.2.1 A "Historical" Perspective 124

5.2.2 The P450 Catalytic Cycle and Electron Transfer Events 125

5.2.3 P450cam and its Reductase System 127

5.2.4 Adrenodoxin and Adrenodoxin Reductase 128

5.2.5 Cytochrome P450 Reductase 129

5.2.6 P450BM-3 and Related CPR Fusion Enzymes 131

5.2.7 A Novel Class of P450-Redox Partner Fusion Enzymes 136

5.3 Increasing P450-Redox Partner Complexity: Flavodoxins and Diverse Ferredoxins 137

5.4 Natural and Artificial P450-Redox Partner Fusion Enzymes and their Biocatalytic Potential 138

5.5 Other Routes to Driving P450 Catalytic Function 140

5.6 Uncoupling, Enzyme Stability and Coenzyme Issues 142

5.7 Future Prospects 143 References 145

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