Catalytic Applications of Laccase

Feng Xu, Ture Damhus, Steffen Danielsen, and Lars Henrik 0stergaard Summary

Laccases (EC form a family of multi-copper oxidases capable of catalyzing the oxidation of many redox-active substances (particularly phenols) with the concomitant reduction of O2 to water. The enzymes, detected in various bacteria, fungi, plants, and insects, are postulated to play an important role in many cellular or microbial activities such as biosynthesis of plant cell wall, phytopatho-genesis, degradation or humification of wood material, and pigmentation of bacterial/fungal spore. Extensive characterization of laccase has been carried out in the past decades. Since several comprehensive reviews have been written [1-13], we will focus in this chapter on the recent progress (mostly since 2000) in applying laccases as industrial catalysts.

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