Approaches to Recycling and Substituting NADPH as a CYP Cofactor 265

Dirk Holtmann and Jens Schrader

12.1 Introduction 265

12.2 Chemical Substitution of Cofactors 266

12.3 Enzymatic Regeneration of Cofactors 267

12.4 Photochemical Approaches to Substituting or Regenerating Cofactors for P450 Systems 271

12.5 Electrochemical Systems for Substitution or Regeneration of Cofactors 272

12.5.1 Electrochemical Regeneration of Natural Cofactors 273

12.5.2 Electrochemical Regeneration of Artificial Cofactors 274

12.5.3 Electrochemical Generation of Hydrogen Peroxide 275

12.5.4 Electrochemistry of P450 at Modified Electrodes 275

12.5.5 Electrochemistry of P450 in Surfactant Films 276

12.5.6 Incorporation of Cytochrome P450 in Conducting Polymers 278

12.6 Redox Mediators 278

12.7 Molecular Biological Approaches 280

12.7.1 Peroxide Shunt 280

12.7.2 Artificial Electron Transfer Systems 281

12.7.3 Changing the Cofactor Specificity of P450 Systems 281

12.7.4 Intracellular Cofactor Regeneration 282

12.8 Conclusion and Outlook 282 References 284

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