Modular Approach to Biotransformation Using Microbial Cytochrome P450 Monooxygenases 177

Akira Arisawa and Hitosi Agematu

7.1 Introduction 177

7.2 Experimental Outline 180

7.2.1 Gene Sequences 180 pT7NS-camAB 180 Plasmids to Express Bacterial CYPs 180

7.2.2 Preparation of Whole Cell Catalysts 181

7.2.3 Biotransformation of the CYP Substrates 181 Carbomycin A 181 Pravastatin 182 7-Hydroxycoumarin 182

7.2.4 Biotransformation by CYP Reaction Array 182

7.3 Bacterial CYP Expression System in E. coli 183

7.4 Construction of a Bacterial CYP Library 185

7.5 Construction of a Bacterial CYP Reaction Array 186

7.6 Application of the CYP Reaction Array to Biotransformation Screening 187

References 190

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