Methods and New Frontiers in Neuroscience

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Our goal in creating the Methods and New Frontiers in Neuroscience Series is to present the insights of experts on emerging experimental techniques and theoretical concepts that are, or will be, at the vanguard of neuroscience. Books in the series will cover topics ranging from methods to investigate apoptosis to modern techniques for neural ensemble recordings in behaving animals. The series will also cover new and exciting multidisciplinary areas of brain research, such as computational neuroscience and neuroengineering, and will describe breakthroughs in classical fields like behavioral neuroscience. We want these to be the books every neuroscientist will use in order to get acquainted with new methodologies in brain research. These books can be given to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows when they are looking for guidance to start a new line of research.

The series will consist of casebound books of approximately 250 pages. Each book will be edited by an expert and will consist of chapters written by leaders in a particular field. Books will be richly illustrated and contain comprehensive bibliographies. Each chapter will provide substantial background material relevant to the particular subject. Hence, these are not going to be only "methods books." They will contain detailed "tricks of the trade" and information as to where these methods can be safely applied. In addition, they will include information about where to buy equipment, web sites that will be helpful in solving both practical and theoretical problems, and special boxes in each chapter that will highlight topics that need to be emphasized along with relevant references.

We are working with these goals in mind and hope that as the volumes become available the effort put in by us, the publisher, the book editors, and individual authors will contribute to the further development of brain research. The extent that we achieve this goal will be determined by the utility of these books.

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