Summary And Future Developments

The Netherlands can now look back on 50 years of systematic attention for adverse drug reactions. This began with the first edition of the book now popularly known simply as "Meyler's", and has developed to a stage at which the emphasis is on effective pharmacovigilance and at which "Meyler's'' is now the work of several different authors. On behalf of and in co-operation with the government, the Lareb Foundation maintains the spontaneous reporting system for the Netherlands. A notable characteristic of the Dutch situation is that doctors and pharmacists are themselves responsible for this system, with pharmacists taking a significant role.

Besides continued consideration for both the quantity and quality of reports, the future is likely to see further development of automatic signal generation and even greater concern for good communication with potential reporters, in order to increase awareness of adverse drug reactions. Developments at the European level are certain to have a significant influence in this regard.

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