Similar Action Taken In The United Kingdom

The following month, the UK CSM issued a "Dear Health Professional" letter advising that the marketing of cisapride ("Prepulsid") would be suspended in the United Kingdom.812:2 At this time, there had been 60 reports of serious cardiovascular events, 5 of which were fatal, reported via the "yellow card" scheme since the authorisation of cisapride in the United Kingdom in 1988. The CSM had previously issued warnings about cisapride, but serious cardiovascular events and fatalities continued to be reported. Also in July, the French health products safety agency announced that cisapride would remain on the market in France, but its use would be restricted.81"

Later in the year, manufacturers of cisapride in Japan temporarily halted the production and sale of cisapride products ("Acenalin", "Risa-mol'').826:5 Since cisapride was launched in Japan in 1989, 41 cardiovascular adverse events have been reported; 19 of these were relatively serious.

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