Regional Organization

For an organization such as the Lareb Foundation, in which several professions meet, it is relatively easy to maintain an extensive network of doctors and pharmacists. This is indeed facilitated by the Foundation's regional organization under which the Netherlands is divided into five regions. The Foundation's headquarters in 's-Hertogenbosch acts as one regional office, with the other four in university hospitals throughout the country. Each regional office has a regional coordinator, responsible for maintaining contact with the doctors and pharmacists in that region. Such contact is both individual (through personal visits) and collective, involving presentations in hospitals and to groups of invited general practitioners and pharmacists. Wherever possible, education and ''refresher'' courses are offered.

The regional coordinator also personally assesses some of the incoming reports in order to remain involved in the Lareb Foundation's ''core business'' and will contribute to relevant publications wherever possible. A meeting of all the Lareb's scientific staff is held monthly at the head office, providing an opportunity for consultation and further ''in-service'' training. The Lareb Foundation is a small organization, with a staff of only 18. Some work part-time. There are four supportive (administrative) staff members, the remainder are all doctors, pharmacists or medical biologists by profession. Details are to be found on the foundation's website at www. lar eb . nl.

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